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The Amazing Original Fine Art Gallery and Museum of artist Marc Rubin, original oil and acrylic paintings plus a Museum archive of works by Rubin spanning 40 years. Works range in veried styles of Modern Art and Impressionism, pointillism, cubism, expressionism, fauvism, futurism (figurative and landscape) availlable for purchase or custom works by commission. Marc Rubin is known for his diverse talents in many styles including his own own inventions; Pop Cubism, the combination of art of the popular culture and classic cubism; and Synchronism, a style which involves the use of two or more known styles to create a new style.

Rubin's Do It Yourself SUPER SITES

Marc designs the most unique and graphically artistic websites online today. Each site comes with everything you need for optimal success online including a 2000 item store to a virtual office, your own email and a facility which places your site in the search engines. Every site also includes Free custom flash made by Rubin.

The two online resource sections; Rubin Musee De Cyber and The Hall of Knowledge, take you to a virtual tour art museum of some of Rubin's most famous works and essays which educate you about modern art and how to hang paintings in your home or office. The latter section also includes links to Rubin's favorite virtual art museums in Europe and the United States. This site is intended to enhance your visit to one of Rubin's real world exhibitions or to his studio in Boca Raton. Marc has recently posted a page about a physics principle he has worked on as a hobby for over a decade. The Resonance Principle 7 part video book can be viewed via this link or by clicking here. Young scientists and laymen alike are enjoying its substance and musical millennial style animation.

Here are URL's to Rubin's other sites of infomation and online art gifts by Marc Rubin:

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The Resonance Principle A new concept in particle physics
Atrocity 911 posters - shirts - buttons

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